tdr0601_The number of stocks are unbelievable! The number of emergency provisions that Tokyo Disney Resort carry


“Walt Disney” who is the founder of Disney created Disneyland because he wanted to create a place where family can enjoy safely.

His will is now continue carried on, so Tokyo Disney Resort have done soil improvement, which is called “Sand Compaction Pile method”, earthquake proof countermeasure of attraction and buildings, scattering preventing of glass, fall prevention of lights for guest’s safety and is done once in two days and 180 times of emergency drill estimated level 6 of earthquake is done in a year, so solid measures are taken in.

Anyway, the thing human needs at the time of disaster is food.

I am sure many homes have stocking emergency provisions for disaster.

Actually, Tokyo Disney Resort also have stock of emergency provisions for an emergency, but how much do you think they have in stock?

Actually, 300,000 meals.

The number of visitor per day is less than 30,000 guests. Even including casts this number let provides food for 4 days.

When there is this much of food in stock then guests feel at ease.

Actually when Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake occurred on March 11th 2011, “soy hijiki rice” and “gomoku rice” was distributed free for guests who have difficulty going home.

There is saying of well prepared means no worries, but when safety measure is done this solidly then guests are very reassuring.

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