tdr0597_The curious total construction cost ranking of Tokyo Disney Resort


Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea has various attractions.

Every attraction is very attractive and make guests enjoy, but some attractions are in huge scale by far and attractions with huge work.

I am sure you have already realized unbelievable amount of money, but don’t you get curious about how much money was used on which attraction?

So, I have made ranking of “top 5 of total construction cost of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea” below.

1st: [TDS] Tower of Terror_about $21 billion (as of 2006)
2st: [TDL] Pirates of the Caribbean_about $16 billion (as of 1983)
3rd: [TDL] Star Tours_about $14 billion (as of 1989)
4th: [TDL] Toy Story Mania!_about $14 billion (as of 2010)
5th: [TDL] Pooh’s Hunny Hunt_about &11 billion (as of 2000)

The first place is “Tower of Terror” which is located at Tokyo DisneySea.

By just seeing how that attraction looks from outside, but the cost is overwhelming even comparing other attractions.

To speak about money kind of blowing away the dream, but because that much money is used, so dreamland that attracts people can be created.

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