tdr0567_The number of certain thing is less at Tokyo Disney Resort?


At Tokyo Disney Resort consider for guests to forget about world of reality to enjoy from bottom of their hearts.

Tokyo Disney Resort has atmosphere of dreamland, so it is totally a different from reality.

By having solid performance guests can have fun fully while forgetting the reality.

To do so Tokyo Disney Resort is removing things that reminds real world, so it is build to not able to see outside world from the park.

For example, mirror that shows appearance is one of that.

By seeing “yourself that you are familiar with” with mirror reminds the reality, so Tokyo Disney Resort minimized the number of mirrors.

Also “certain thing” that is inseparable with our life like mirror is minimized. Do you know what it is?

The answer is “clock”.

Clock that lets you know the time is necessary for us to live.

We look at clock several times in a day like when you wake up, when you leave home, or when you get back to home.

I am sure there are people who want to check the time for personal circumstances like check the parade or show time or appointment time.

“To look at clock consciously” is a good thing, but Tokyo Disney Resort is not willing for the guests to be aware with time by having clock in their sight, so the numbers of clocks are limited.

This is also Disney’s creativity for “guests to enjoy by forgetting time”.

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