tdr0564_Marching Band that performs at Disney Park is not planed to perform everyday?


Marching Band that actives at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Marching Band that performs at entrance of Tokyo Disneyland or World Bazaar is called “Tokyo Disneyland Band” and Marching Band that performs at entrance of Tokyo DisneySea or MiraCosta Street is called “Tokyo DisneySea Maritime Band”.

The Marching Band is performed at same time and same place everyday.

It is started back in July 17th 1995.

The Marching Band first performed was at Disneyland that is located Anaheim, California, United States of America.

They appeared to celebrate the memorial day of opening Disneyland at the desire of Walt Disney.

Music is necessary for opening ceremony.

The first Disneyland started with music from Marching Band.

Then the performance was success. It acquired high reputation more than expected.

At that time Walt requested the Marching Band to perform for 2 weeks, but because it acquired high reputation he had to make changes. So the Marching Band changed to perform every day.

Marching Band plays everyday at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea by descendants from that.

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