tdr0562_Which day of the week Disney Resort is most not crowded?


“Tokyo Disney Resort” is an entertainment facility that represents Japan.

The popularity never decreases that many guests come and visit all over the Japan.

Of course weekends and holidays are so crowded. Tokyo Disney Resort is crowded on weekdays where previous theme parks are not that crowded on weekdays.

But it is way too crowded, so the waiting time gets longer or cannot move around easily is not a nice thing for guest’s point of view.

All the guests want to enjoy as many attractions, walk around, and decide what to buy for souvenir calmly.

Then what guests want to know is “the day that Tokyo Disney Resort is not crowded”.

The ratio of day off relatively high on Saturdays, because next day is also off, so they can relax, so it gets crowded and Tokyo Disney Resort is crowded on Sundays, holidays, because people are off from work, so weekdays tend to have less people.

And “Wednesdays” is the most not crowded day among other weekdays.

Fridays that is almost considered as weekend relatively have people who have no work on next day, which is Monday, so it gets crowded the most of weekdays and many guests come and visit using paid vacation.

People get less on Tuesdays, but many times it gets substitute holiday or sometimes Mondays become holiday, so people have off days on Tuesday. Sometime people uses paid vacation on Thursdays and Fridays to have long weekend, so these cannot be said the day that has less people.

Wednesdays, which is dead middle of weekday and is difficult to have a day off on that day, so it is the day that is most not crowded.

By that I would love to say you should aim to go on Wednesday, but as I have explained above it is a day that is difficult to get a day off, so it seems difficult.

Everyone have different schedule, so it would be great to use these information as reference when going to Disney Resort.

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