tdr0546_How many letters get sent to Tokyo Disney Resort each year?


Tokyo Disney Resort receives many letters.

Tokyo Disney Resort receives letters that are written how guests were touched by parades, show or cast’s behavior, letters to tell thank you, and even letters with opinion, requests, or claim.

The letters are all read by Tokyo Disney Resort and restore that to Tokyo Disney Resort business, but how many letters do you think Tokyo Disney Resort receive?

Actually 5,000 letters are sent to Tokyo Disney Resort in a year.

Even the letters with complains are included, but to receive this many of letters in a year is because Tokyo Disney Resort is the best theme park in Japan.

Bu the way, 25 million of guests visit Tokyo Disney Resort in a year, so the number of letters that receive is 00.2% of number of attendance in a year.

To think that it seems small, but when considering the person taking time and effort to “write a letter” and sent it is quite many.

And “to make the guests wanting to express their feeling with letters” is may be the Disney magic.

They will definitely read the letter if you send one.

If you have something that you want to tell then how about sending letter?

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