tdr0543_The guest’s average staying time


Tokyo Disney Resort’s 90% of guests are repeater.

More than 25 million of guests are visiting Tokyo Disney Resort all over the Japan and from oversea per year. Even it is so wide that cannot be go around a day or has so many attractions tens of thousands of people visit, so of course it gets crowded.

More than that many people have an idea of “enjoy the Disney Resort till the last moment”.

Because there are too many attractions that cannot be go on a day, so guests want to enjoy as many as attractions they can.

That shows as number for average staying time per person.

The average staying time is 6 hours when the Tokyo Disneyland opened and now it got slightly longer that it became 8 hours.

Disney park is open from 9am to 10pm, so when visiting the park from 9am then leaving the park around 5pm.

It is appropriate time when coming with family.

Anyway, when even staying the park for 8 hours the guest can only enjoy the half of the park.

Sometimes it doesn’t go well as you thought of and ended up not satisfying.

That is why guests will get ideas of “want to go on that ride next time” or “want to go there next time”, so repeater increases.

This is also Oriental Land’s strategy… may be.

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