tdr0526_Super cheap! Which product was sold at cheapest price at Tokyo Disney Resort?


There are tons of products are sold at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Snacks that are perfect for souvenirs, products that can be present for yourself that there are various kinds of products are sold.

And the price range is very wide.

There are cheap products to expensive ones that there was a time miniature Cinderella Castle made specially with “Swarovski” sold at $5 million.

It was a product that recorded most expensive price in the history of Tokyo Disney Resort and it gathered attention by Kazumi Saito bought it as a present for Suzanne.

Anyway, when the highest price is $5 million then don’t you get curious about the lowest price?

The lowest price was actually $0.10.

The candy was sold individually with $0.10 when Tokyo Disneyland opened. It can be bought with kid’s pocket money, so it is very kind that like mom-and-pop candy store.

By the way, now $0.52 of postcard is the lowest price.

May be in the future the lowest price gets lower than current price.

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