【tdr0515】Unexpected? Simple? The trick of shortening the waiting time at ticket booth


When visiting Tokyo Disney Resort, majority of guests arrive before the Tokyo Disney Resort opens and queue up at ticket booth.

And everyone come having same idea, so the waiting time of purchasing ticket tends to get long.

We cannot do anything about for few minuets, but the queue continues all morning, so I am sure you want to get it done as soon as you can.

When you are taking this lightly you might end up queuing all morning.

Then what gets important at this point is how you queue up for it.

The ticket booths are on the left and right side of center entrance.

At that time, the victory or defeat depends on which queue you are in.

The right sides of ticket booths are more towards parking, so guests who are coming with car tend to queue up and left side tends to queue up with guests coming with train.

Guests who are coming with car visit as a group like family that party of 3 or more and sometime coming a group of 10, on the other hand guest coming with train tend to have fewer people like 2 or 3.

To know about the fact above, which one do you think the queue goes faster?

The answer is the right queue that is towards parking.

As I have explained above, majority of guests who are coming with care have larger group of people like family.

Therefore, the ticket will be purchased as a group.

Of course to purchase the ticket all in once takes less time than purchasing it one by one, so even the queues have the same amount of people it would be faster when purchasing all in once, so it influences how fast the queue moves.

Also, even the right side have more people the number of people might be bigger, but it is less when counting as a group, so it moves faster than left side, which has smaller groups.

Please try it when visiting Tokyo Disney Resort.

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