【tdr0509】Which restaurant that is authorized as well tasted vegetable at Ikspiari


The huge shopping mall “Ikspiari” opened inside the Tokyo Disney Resort on July 7th 2000.

As the catch phrase of “Town full of fairy tales and entertainments”, there are many attractive theme zone and shops at Ikspiari and there is buffet restaurant that receiving reputation of “tasty vegetable”.

That restaurant is called “Shizenha Buffet Kyouno Uta”.

Under the concept of “get kindness from vegetables to mind and body” that it is buffet style restaurant that can eat 50 different kind dishes that provided with colorful and tasty seasonal vegetables that is chosen carefully.

Also, “show cooking” that chef present the cooking in front of you and you can enjoy the food just made is one of this restaurant’s appearances.

Everyday it is crowded with women who are considering about their health.

Actually this restaurant is authorized with “Japan Produce Alliance for Better Health” that “Asako Kishi”, who is known as a food reporter and familiar with phrase of “well tasted” serve the president. With “Japan Produce Alliance for Better Health” is giving authorization to restaurants that can taste great vegetables as “restaurant authorized well tasted”.

And this “Shizenwa Buffet Kyouno Uta” also selected as authorized restaurant from the great taste of vegetables.

That “Asako Kishi” acknowledges, so this restaurant will never let you down.

By the way, this restaurant is famous that it allows you to view the courtyard of Disney Ambassador Hotel. The courtyard has gazebo where “signing the marriage pledge”, so you can see Mickey or Minnie who comes to celebrate.

To have great vegetables and looking out the courtyard that can capture the happy moment is one of graceful way of using time.

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