【tdr0507】The sale number of popular wagon food “popcorn” is enormous!?


The typical wagon food of Tokyo Disney Resort “popcorn”.

There are various flavors are provided such as typical salt flavor, caramel flavor, unstoppable butter soy sauce flavor, sweet addiction honey flavor, chocolate flavor, and unique curry flavor, so it is hard to decided which one to order.

Also, “bucket” that changes limitedly is one of attractions too.

When purchasing popcorn with bucket you can walk around with it by hanging from the neck and it can be used as storage box for small items at home, so many guests purchase it for memory.

Probably there are people that room is full of buckets.

That’s how much this wagon food is popular. So, the total sale number is amazingly enormous.

To count regular box as one and when counting the sale numbers since the opening of Disneyland to 2012, it is over 100 million.

This is just amazing.

It can be eaten easily and cute looking popcorn.

To exceed 200 million is just around the corner.

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