【tdr0496】It was performed even before DisneySea? The Tokyo Disneyland’s “Fantasmic!”


“Fantasmic!” is a spectacular night entertainment of Tokyo DisneySea that creates the world of Disney Fantasy with imagination power of Mickey who became the sorcerer’s apprentice.

The world of Fantasy that is created by powerful performances such as animation that projected on the huge water screen, laser beam that shoots out the night sky, and special effects like fire and light that guests even forget to blink.

Main characters of Disney films like “Aladdin”, “Bell”, and “Cinderella” appears one after another and the fight with Mickey and dragon is performed at the end of the show dynamically that people would never forget about the show, that’s how much the impact it gives.

This “Fantasmic!” was first performed at Anaheim “Disneyland” in 1992.

After that it was performed at “Walt Disney World Resort” “Disney MGM Studio (now Disney Hollywood Studio)” in Florida, 1998 then it was performed at Tokyo DisneySea from April 28th 2011.

“Fantasmic!” was decided to perform in Japan also after the sequence of event that you see above, but “Fantasmic!” was actually performed at Tokyo Disneyland with different name and as a parade before the Tokyo DisneySea was complete building.

The name of parade is “Disney Fantillusion!”.

This is a night parade that performed from July 21st 1995 to May 15th 2001 and it was original from “Fantasmic!”.

Back in the days, the conversation of bringing the “Fantasmic!”, which was a success at Anaheim “Disneyland” to Japan and perform was brought up. But Tokyo Disneyland had no water screen and more like there was no aquatic space that can perform show.

Therefore, it was recreated in a parade type leaving the concept of “fight of good and evil” and was performed.

By the way, the “Disney Fantillusion!”, which finished performing at Tokyo Disneyland was transferred to “Disneyland Paris” and was performed from July 5th 2003 to September 2nd 2012.

“To shape differently when cannot be done”. This flexible imagination brings the wonderful parades and shows into live.

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