【tdr0476】Disney illumination that appeared at Omotesando Hills


When speaking of composite facilities with business space and residential facility that located Omotesando of Tokyo is “Omotesando Hills”.

Since the opening in 2006 many people in different age range come and visit by having kind of status sense, because many international high brands are gathered.

At such fancy place “Omotesando Hills” some event was held from November 2nd 2011 to December 25th.

That name of event was “Dream Magic Christmas”.

It is Christmas illumination collaboration for celebrating 110th birthday of Walt Disney.

Because it is done at Omotesando, the finish look is so fancy and illuminated “pumpkin carriage”, which is familiar with Cinderella, was set at the entrance.

People could take pictures as if you are in the carriage, so it became so popular that made a long queue.

Also, people could not take the eyes off from illuminated tree that was set the center of Plaza. The illuminated tree that glow beautiful purple lights were 32ft tall.

And 17,000 of Swarovski crystal were used on that tree, so it is understandable why people couldn’t take the eyes off from the tree.

Moreover, with base of illuminated tree 110 of Disney characters were lighted up as shadow pictures for the “celebration of 110th birthday of Walt Disney” and created romantic atmosphere.

People had to stop, because it couldn’t be more beautiful.

It is quite fancy to enjoy Disney atmosphere at different place than Tokyo Disney Resort.

Let’s hope that such collaboration will be done again sometime soon.

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