【tdr0467】Masterpiece is created by spending 10 years? Topiary that created by spending long time


“Topiary” is an art piece that created by trimming tree or shrub.

Generally animal or geometric pattern are often made as topiary, but when speaking of topiary of Tokyo Disney Resort, of course Disney character topiary.

Disney character topiary that created finely has quality that even it makes you think it’s going to move any moment and excellent pieces, which is just fun to watch are lined up.

Topiary started back in the ancient Rome period. It started by gardener who worked as slave at that time trim the hedge to create alphabet.

Then in Europe after 16th Century, topiary skill spread and appeared in palace’s garden.

So, some people are probably having wrong idea, but topiary is not just trim and creates a shape.

To create high quality of topiary skills like to limit the plant growth by using mold and to create beautiful topiary use wire to guide the plant to the shape is needed.

Of course plants aren’t growing that easy, so it takes about 4 years to create one topiary and when creating complicated topiary sometime it takes 10 years.

When seeing topiary at Tokyo Disney Resort the details like shape of face, the way arms and legs bending, crease of clothes, and many other details are created.

That is why so much time is spending to create these.

And when knowing the circumstances that I have explained above and look at topiary you would look at it from different perspective that it would be fun.

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