【tdr0463】Guest never get injured? The effort Tokyo Disneyland put towards disaster


“Tokyo Disney Resort” is a dreamland that built on the reclaimed land of Urayasu offshore.

This dreamland is constructed strong for disasters.

When even the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake, which is still fresh in memory that occurred magnitude 9 earthquakes, which is the biggest earthquake in the history of Japan occurred the damage was just with liquefaction of certain area of parking and not big damage for attraction or buildings.

Generally reclaimed land has less solid ground and is weak for earthquakes.

During the process of creating Tokyo Disneyland the reclaimed land has less solid was fact, so improvement strengthening of ground, which is called “Sand Compaction Pile method (SCP method)” was occurred.

And attraction and buildings are constructed solidly to be able to hold with strong earthquakes by clearing strict standard of safeness.

Also, the interiors are considered with emergency, so glass has shatter proof film glass and things that are hanged from above like lights have fall prevention safety wire to not let the guests to get injured by damage is taken as measures.

The safety measure is not just with ground or buildings.

Raising awareness of disaster of cast is one of that too.

As a part of that they are “emergency drill that assumed earthquake measuring upper 6” once in two days.

They are training for emergency this often, so the cast’s ability of conducting is very high and they deal very calmly at “Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake”.

This is all according to founder Walt Disney’s desire that “It should be the fun and safe place for family to enjoy”.

This is Disney’s attitude that takes safeness importantly more than anything.

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