【tdr0452】Ambulance is always present at Tokyo Disney Resort


Tokyo Disney Resort is trying their best to let the guests to enjoy safely.

Of course the safety managing of attraction, but also casts are always puts safety first than anything else and they are educated solidly to be able to attend calmly when even in emergency.

Of course the preventatives of being safe are perfectly done.

One of the preventatives Tokyo Disney Resort has their own ambulance for an emergency like needing to send injured person or person who feels ill to the hospital.

The route to hospital from Tokyo Disney Resort is always crowded that when calling 119 there is possibility of not able to emergency transport.

Therefore Oriental Land, which runs Tokyo Disney Resort discussed with Urayasu City Fire-Defense Headquarter and decided to prepare 2 ambulances by own.

When there is ambulance at Oriental Land then ambulance could get to the place at no time and the emergency transport route become shorter than calling 119, so it is a relief.

This is all to provide place that guests can have a blast from bottom of their hearts by having sense of safeties.

Such an attitude can be kept because it is Tokyo Disney Resort.

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