【tdr0439】Disney Resort Line is actually quite fast


“Disney Resort Line” started to run on July 27th 2001.

It has duty of connecting each facility in Tokyo Disney Resort and has cute interior and exterior monorail that used Disney character richly.

There are many guests uses this monorail as an attraction that “this is one of attraction that should be ride when coming to Disney Resort”.

Disney Resort Line runs every 4 to 13 minuets.

The track length is 3.10 mile and it doesn’t take 10 minutes even it goes around.

No wonder, because the maximum speed is 33.56mph.

This speed is faster than “Space Mountain” of Tokyo Disneyland or “Tower of Terror” of Tokyo DisneySea.

People tend to look around the view or interiors, but actually it was running at this speed.

By the way, the ranking of fastest attraction of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea is shown below.

1.TDS:Center of the Earth 46.61 mph
2.TDL:Splash Mountain 38.53 mph
3.TDS:Raising Spirit 37.29 mph
4.TDS:Tower of Terror 31.07 mph
5.TDL:Space Mountain 30.45 mph
6.TDL:Big Thunder Mountain 25.48 mph
7.TDS:Indiana Jones Adventure Temple of the Crystal Skull 14.91 mph

When seeing this makes you realize how fast the Disney Resort Line.

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