【tdr0422】Outside world can be seen? The rare spot that exists inside the park


Speaking of “Dreamland” what you imagine first thing is “Tokyo Disney Resort”.

You feel you are in a different world just stepping inside.

Tokyo Disney Resort is performing the Dreamland world view solidly to not spell to lifted.

For example, reduce mirrors that make imagine people the reality, hide the exterior of cash register, which is familiar in reality world, or set restriction of height of buildings to not be able to see the outside world. As you can see they are putting so much effort in so many things to not let the guests to come out of a dream.

That is why us, the guests can make the most of it from bottom of our hearts.

Although, even so many things are considered, but it is unable to hide everything from the reality.

Actually there are spots that can be seen the outside world from inside the Disney park.

First, “Swiss Family Treehouse” of Tokyo Disneyland.

It is an treehouse typed observatory facility in motif of “Swiss Family Robinson”, which is Disney film and when going up the stairs to top then you can see the Ferris wheel of Kasai Seaside Park and buildings even it is hiding behind trees and plants of Treehouse.

Also, you can see buildings from “Raising Spirits” or “Tower of Terror” of Tokyo DisneySea.

Tall buildings cannot hide even how had Tokyo Disney Resort tries.

But, it cannot be seen from other places, so it is actually the rare spots.

These spots may make you feel you are in the between of reality and dream.

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