【tdr0419】Ikspiari start to sell something earliest in Japan


“Ikspiari” is a shopping mall that opened inside the Tokyo Disney Resort with catchphrase of “A town full of fair tale and entertainments” on July 7th, 2000.

Oriental Land is the owner of this shopping mall that there are full of attractive theme zones and shops. It is so large that it cannot be seen all in one day and it is always crowded.

At such Ikspiari, “certain product” start to sell earlier than any other shops in Japan.

The product is….actually the “lucky bag”.

It is typical product for New Year’s by it gives excitement not knowing what is inside and products are stuffed with discount and the time Ikspiari start to sell this lucky bag is just so early.

It starts to sell from the second the clock hits 12am of January 1st.

At conventional stores start to sell after 3 days of the day of New Year or 2 days, so Ikspiari is defiantly the earliest in Japan.

So, people who wish to get the lucky bag start to gather from the evening of New Year’s Eve, so that parking is fully occupied.

It seems quite tough to queue up carrying the new year.

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