【tdr0418】The uphill that considered guests


Theme park “Tokyo Disney Resort” that can be enjoyed from kids to adult.

It is so large and has so many attractions that cannot be go around one day and there are so many attractive shops, so many people cannot stop walking around.

For those Tokyo Disney resort made process to the ground to absorb the shock and to not burden the legs, but there is other creativeness to care of guest occurred at entrance of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

Actually both entrances is uphill towards Disney park.

I am sure you think “uphill just makes the leg tired”, but the spirits before going to Disney park and the overflowing energy the uphill like that is not big of a problem.

But what about when going out the park. Uphill is not a great thing when there is no energy by walking around all day and tired.

That is why it is created uphill when going inside and downhill when going out the park.

By that legs move smoothly even when you are tired.

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