【tdr0417】Tokyo Disney Resort has something other than ambulance


Tokyo Disney Resort runs by taking “safety” priority more than anything.

All this is for the guests to enjoy without worrying.

For that solid preventives are set.

For example, to be able to correspond calmly when there is emergency, so Tokyo Disney Resort educates solidly to the casts and own ambulance is prepared to send people who need to be treated like injured or ill people.

Not just that.

Tokyo Disney Resort’s own fire engine is also prepared for the disaster like fire.

It is specially made that has logo of “Tokyo Disney Resort” at the side of car.

By having this can provide fire fighting immediately and by putting out the fire first even in the situation of needing to increase number of fire fighters can control the damage.

By preparing the fire engine and ambulance for the safety and the solid-ness is impressive.

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