【tdr0412】Mickey sticker is Disney’s lost child measure


Tokyo Disney Resort is full of things that kids get attracted.

And kids tend to walk around towards what they like.

That is why kids walk towards what they see while parent taking eyes off from their kids for few seconds, therefore kids get separated from the parent.

Parent make request to find the kid to find her or him as soon as possible, but kids will keep walking around and it takes time to find the kid after getting the request.

It would be great to find the kid at no time, but when taking time the parent get worried and feel dead more than alive.

So, the best lost child measure is “not to get separated”, but Disney Resort assumed kids get lost, so “certain” thing is prepared to find the kids as quick as possible.

That is “lost child sticker”.

The lost child sticker has 2 designs, which is blue Mickey design and red Minnie design and these can get at lost child center.

“kid’s name and age” and “parent cellphone number” can fill out on the sticker and stick on the kid’s clothes or belongings after putting privacy protection sticker on the sticker.

By that when cast sees kid walking around on her or him own they can call the parent smoothly by the information written on the lost child sticker.

This is such a wonderful system for parent.

It would be best not to get separated, but I would recommend people who have small children to get the lost child sticker at lost child center before enjoying the attraction or other.

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