【tdr0407】No lost child Announcement! Tokyo Disney Resort’s lost child measure


“Lost child announcement” is almost made every crowded place like shopping mall, department store, amusement park, or at beach.

Announcement is very important for child who got lost or the parent by the announce, which asked to make from the parent to find the child by telling how the child look like or making announcement of what child look like who is protective.

“Child getting lost” happens always at places where there are many people and there are so many things child get interested. Of course child getting lost happen all the times at Tokyo Disney Resort where tens of thousands of people come and go in a day.

Although, have you ever heard “lost child announcement” at Tokyo Disney Resort?

Actually this has little trick behind it….

Actually Disney Parks have many security casts in plain clothes like police in plain clothes are located everywhere.

When there is a request to find lost child at lost child center the information sends out to the security casts. Then security casts look for the lost child based on the information of hairstyle, clothes, or height.

Tokyo Disney Resort sends security casts parties to not have to make “lost child announcement” that destroys world of dreamland. They have to find the child among many guests, so their search ability puts police to shame.

By the way security casts also active with people who feel unwell, injured, or prevention of crime other than looking for lost child.

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