【tdr0405】How many students gather at Tokyo Disney Resort?


We often see students visiting Tokyo Disney Resort as field trip for students from Kanto and school event like school excursion for students from far away.

Every year schools around all over Japan gather at Tokyo Disney Resort, but don’t you get curious how many students visit Tokyo Disney Resort through the year?

The total of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea 9220 of schools (as of 2003) students are visiting.

The total of students and teachers it gets about 920,000 people.

Why this many of people gather at Tokyo Disney Resort?

It is simply Tokyo Disney Resort is favored by students and is a popular area, but the biggest reason is the safeness.

Tokyo Disney Resort is solid with managing safety of attraction and is providing service that puts safety in priority.

To be able to let the kids play freely without worrying is the reason Tokyo Disney Resort is popular.

This is also the result of Walt Disney wished create “theme park that guests can enjoy safely”.

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