【tdr0404】Getting celebrated during attraction? The effect of birthday sticker


Each and every person has birthday every year.

I am sure there are people celebrating their once a year occasion at Disney Park.

If you were going to Disney park on your birthday you would want to get the “birthday sticker”.

When telling the casts that it is your birthday at “Main Street House” at Tokyo Disneyland and “Guest relation” at Tokyo DisneySea then you could get sticker of Mickey Mouse illustration with your date of birthday and name.

When you have this sticker on you casts or Disney characters will give you birthday wishes, so it is full of great things when you have sticker.

The highlight is Fantasyland’s “Mad Tea Party”.

When going on the “Mad Tea Party” wearing birthday sticker cast will announce the birthday wish like “ Happy Birthday xxx” during the attraction.

It is little embarrassing, but why “Mad Tea Party” celebrates guest’s birthday anyway?

The reason is hiding behind “The Mad Hatter” and “March Hare” that appear in “Alice in Wonderland”.

They celebrate the “unbirthday” with tea party in the story.

So, Tokyo Disneyland celebrate “birthday” originated by that.

Such a fancy performance.

“Birthday sticker” that people celebrate you birthday all day.

You surely will feel special.

If you are planning to go to Disney parks on your birthday I highly recommend you to get the sticker.

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