【tdr0400】The things in common that are hiding behind the theater type attractions


Tokyo Disney Resort has many “theatre type attraction” that can be enjoyed while seated such as “Mickey’s PhilharMagic”, “Country Bear Theatre”, “Magic Lump Theatre”, or Mermaid Lagoon Theatre”.

“Theatre type attractions” can be enjoyed while resting, so many guests rush into as a break spot when getting tired of walking around or getting out of hotness or coldness of outside and these attractions have things in common other than theatre typed.

The common thing is the “door”.

When getting in the attraction door opens by pulling and when getting out the attraction door opens by pushing.

You may be thing “then what?”, but the important thing is “door opens by pushing when getting out”. This is designed to be able to evacuate the guests to outside smoothly on emergency like fire or earthquake.

There is no way people “evacuating inside the attraction when in emergency”, so “door opens by pushing when getting out” is very logical and designed by considering safety.

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