【tdr0397】Disney Resort line also has commutation ticket?


“Disney Resort Line” opened in July 27th 2001.

It is annular type single line monorail that takes guests, who are coming from Keiyo line Maihama station to each facility at Tokyo Disney Resort.

Because it is a cute monorail with windows or straps in Mickey shape and interior and exterior full of Disney, so many guests get on this monorail having a sense of riding an attraction.

Although, because it is one of fine transportation, so the fare is set regularly according to Railways Act and commutation is also provided.

Isn’t it surprising there is commutation ticket to commute inside the Tokyo Disney Resort?

And this is also according to the law too.

Anyway, usually commutation ticket has 2 types, which are the “commute for work type” and commute for school type”.

Both can be purchased at ticket center of Resort Gateway Station, but who actually uses it?

With commutation ticket for work is mostly used with people who “work at Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotel”, which located around Bayside Station.

When the line is located near work then using commutation ticket is understandable, but commutation ticket for school is the problem.

Of course there is no schools on the line. But it is few but some people does use this.

Actually it is used by students of hotel schools who are coming to “Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotel” for practical trainings.

It would be troublesome to buy the ticket every time they go on the monorail during the period.

The prices for commutation tickets are shown below.

Commutation ticket for work
$77.10 for 1 month
$219.80 for 3 months
$416.40 for 6 months

Commutation ticket for school
$46.30 for 1 month
$132.00 for 3 months
$250.10 for 6 months

Also, it is not planning of using PASMO commutation ticket for now.

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