【tdr0382】Sudden rain makes sales up?


Sunny day would be best to go to Tokyo Disney Resort.

The weather tends to change in Japan compare to America or Paris, so many people plan the schedule by checking the weather beforehand, because Japan has many rainy days.

Majority of people avoid visiting Tokyo Disney Resort on rainy day, so there are merits like it doesn’t get crowded as usual or waiting time for attractions are shorter, but compare to the sunny day it is troublesome to walk around the park or get on the rides.

Rain is not welcome for Tokyo Disney Resort too, because it makes less the attraction customers.

Although, there is rain that makes sales up.

That is “sudden rain”.

When rain starts without previous notice like passing shower or heavy rain of short duration that occur often lately the next action guests take is to take shelter from the rain.

And the best place to get out of the rain is… “World Bazaar” that has huge roof of “all weather cover”. This roof is originally made considered of weather that Japan has rainy season and a lot of hurricane, so this is a great area for rain.

Therefore, many guests gather around the “World Bazaar” to avoid the rain and great things happen for the shop that is located at this area.

Idea of not able to walk around under the rain, so just go inside the shop, because there are shops in front makes the sales up.

Also it is the same for thunder.

To protect the danger of stroke lightning casts lead guests to place with roof.

Then gusts automatically have to go into the shops.

Although, sunny weather is best for guests after all.

Do not forget to check the weather if you have a plan to go to Tokyo Disney Resort.

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