【tdr0381】One million people’s smile became an art?


In 2008, for the celebration of 25th year of Tokyo Disneyland magnificent art was display at Disney park.

The title is “Art of Million Smile”.

As the title says this art is made with one million people’s smile.

What kind of artwork was it?

“Mosaic Art”, which is to make huge illustration art with pictures was created by linking pictures of ordinary pictures of cast.

The million smiles that title says indicate cast’s smile.

Illustration was created in shape of big 5, which is characters representing Disney such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto by linking pictures of casts’ upper body either individually or with few casts together.

Strangely by looking at it from far away it looks like wonderful Disney art with uneven texture.

By the way, there are pictures of Disney characters are hiding among pictures of casts.

Disney art that is created by smile of people who is creating Disney parks is a fantastic idea.

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