【tdr0374】How many garbage cans are at Disney parks?


Disney Resort is always spotless.

It is wonderful how it is always so clean even it is the place tens of thousands of people come and go.

When people gather at outdoor festival garbage overflow from the garbage can and garbage are thrown on the ground, but Tokyo Disney Resort never have that issue.

This is because of custodial who cleans solidly and collects the garbage frequently and also many garbage cans are located.

We get in trouble when there is no garbage can where you can see when wanting to throw garbage. There is limitation walking around with it and it causes inconsiderate people throw it on the ground.

Also when there is only few garbage cans garbage gets too much and overflow can be occur.

So, Tokyo Disney Resort increased the number of garbage cans to set more than 700 at Tokyo Disneyland and about 500 at Tokyo DisneySea….In total about 1200 of garbage cans are installed at Tokyo Disney Resort.

When there is this many of garbage cans guests don’t have to have garbage issue and people spontaneously throw garbage to garbage can, which means the number of garbage that thrown on the ground become less.

Although to collect garbage from this many of garbage cans custodial’s duty is unbelievably busy.

We need to appreciate the custodial that keeps the Tokyo Disney Resort clean.

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