【tdr0372】Back stage is an unique world! Different background music than onstage


Tokyo Disneyland has 7 theme lands and 7 theme ports at Tokyo DisneySea.

Each park has independent worldview along the theme and of course the scenery performance, but the background music is used according to the worldview.

By that differences occur and maintain the dreamland that numbers of worlds are gathered, but not just the onstage (front side where guests are) has different background music.

Actually, backstage (back side that only casts are allow) has different background music is playing than onstage.

For example, famous Disney songs are playing like “This is the place”, which is theme song of Tokyo Disney Resort, but what kind of reason for playing these?

Casts manage their duty at onstage. While they are onstage they are the resident of the world of theme, but when coming back to backstage that would be their break time.

When the same music is playing as onstage then casts would drag the role they have and it doesn’t make them relax and doesn’t give sense of having break time.

But to make it silence they would forget about being at Disney park and there is a change of creating sanguinary atmosphere or cold.

So, backstage plays music that is different than onstage to give casts awareness of being Disney park and allow them to change the switch on to off.

In a word, refreshing.

Casts are also one of Disney fans. Oriental Land is treating casts importantly and to consider to make them easy to work to allow them to provide better service.

Onstage plays each theme songs and backstage has backstage music…Backstage is one of world for casts and put all that together it is the “dreamland”.

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