【tdr0370】Lights are the sign of “good evening”


“Good morning”, “hello”, and “good evening”.

If you are Japanese greeting that changes according the time is familiar, but when do you change the greeting?

Generally people say “good morning” in the morning, “hello” for noon”, and “good evening” for at night, but we don’t really have the exact time to change the greeting.

So, Tokyo Disney Resort that uses “hello” instead of “welcome” when do they change to “good evening”?

Actually there is no specific time at Tokyo Disney Resort too.

You may think it is surprising, but this has certain reason to it.

The day gets shorter or longer depending on the seasons. Of course the time outside getting dark become different too.

To ignore that and decide to say “good evening” from 5pm” outside is still bright during summer, so this greeting doesn’t really sink in the guests.

So, at Tokyo Disneyland changes to “good evening” by the sign of the lights of the park when outside gets dark.

This allows casts to change the greetings all in once and guests can accept that greeting smoothly.

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