【tdr0364】Disney Halloween used to be the one day event!?


The festival that held on October 31st is “Halloween”.

Originally this festival is started to as festival of celebration the autumn harvest and ward off evil spirits, but the implication changed dramatically to scoop the pumpkins to make “Jack-o Lantern” and kids dress up as ghost or witch to get sweets by going around the house by saying “Trick or Treat”.

In Japan events that can be enjoyed by dressing up from kids to grown ups are increased and Japan-specific Halloween events are established now.

Halloween became outstanding event at Tokyo Disney Resort too.

It is titled as “Disney Halloween” and this event is started since 1997 for Tokyo Disneyland and 2008 for Tokyo DisneySea.

This is one of big Disney event that held from September to the end of October and I am sure there are many guests who are looking forward to this event, but when it first started it was done in small scale.

It is originally a not Japanese festival, so Halloween was not well known.

From 1997 to 1999, in this three years the “Disney Happy Halloween” was held as an event, but it was only for 31st of October.

The event became special like now is began since 2000 and from 2002 Disney characters finally allowed to dress up.

Now Halloween became well known and spread, so event became bigger, but to get where it is now they probably had to trial and error.

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