【tdr0358】Get stuck inside the bathroom? The reason is surprising


Many guests from all around the world visit Tokyo Disney Resort not just people around Japan.

As you can see the Tokyo Disneyland became world 2nd and Tokyo DisneySea became 4th at “Global Attractions Attendance Report”, which is 2013 attendance ranking by “Themed Entertainment Association” and “AECOM Economics” the more the people visit more the various types of people come.

Then taking care of them would be hard.

Especially the gusts coming from oversea have different culture or life style, so casts need to attend by knowing those things.

So sometime at restaurants guests from the Middle East get stuck in the bathroom for few minuets.

And it happens on certain time.

What are they doing inside the bathroom?

Actually, they are doing “Salat” based on the teaching of “Islam”.

“Salat” is like a praying ceremony facing towards holy ground by purifies hands and mouth 5 times a day and is a very important thing for Muslims.

Wherever they are they must pray, but they cannot just do wherever they want inside the park.

Plus they need water to purify the hands and mouth.

So, they use the bathroom of restaurants that has sink to do “Salat”.

Of course they have permission from the restaurants and when Muslims asked for the place to do Salat casts lead them to the bathroom of restaurants.

Like these each manuals are making improvement every year by knowing the problem that occur by attending the casts and the case of response.

The amount of know-how is incredible when Disney is global.

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