【tdr0354】The mark re-entering the park uses invisible ink?


Sometime you have to go out the Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo DisneySea once after entering the park.

There are various reasons like forgetting something at car, get rest by going back to hotel, or having something to eat at picnic area.

May be some people who haven’t been to Disney parks think it would be wasting the ticket or not possible to going in again, but don’t worry.

Disney parks have a system that you can re-enter the park.

If you have a plan of re-entering the park on the same day then you will be getting stamp on the hand at exit, which is permission of re-entering.

When having that stamp and the ticket that you enter the park with you can re-enter the park from the entrance.

For fraud prevention, different Disney character stamp is selected every day, but the ink of stamp is very special.

The ink is called invisible ink, which uses special fluorescent dye that it cannot be seen as a color under sunlight.

So, it has to confirm by using black light when distinguishes it.

Speaking of black light, there is an attraction that uses black light at Tokyo Disney Resort. You would be able to see the stamp clearly at “Haunted Mansion”, because it is so dark inside.

By the way, some people probably worrying about the stamp smudging or disappearing by rubbing or washing hands, but don’t worry it doesn’t come off that easily.

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