【tdr0353】What does the sprinkler at Tokyo Disney Resort do?


Sprinkler is to sprinkle water by putting pressure on the water and making it guttatus. It is set at many places inside the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Usually sprinklers have an image of thing that used in fire emergency, putting out the fire, or irrigating, which is to provide water to farmland, field, garden, or lawn, but Tokyo Disney Resort uses sprinklers in different way.

That is to “wash”.

Tokyo Disney Resort is located the coast of Urayasu.

Which means Tokyo Disney Resort facilities and inside the building is always receiving sea breeze. Sea breeze contains salt, so when it piles up it makes the building rusted and deterioration by that and also it become the cause of killing plants.

To prevent these damages Tokyo Disney Resort activates sprinkler to wash it out by fresh water.

Also, sprinkler has dust-proofing effect for not let the dust like sand scatter and cooling effect from vaporization heat by sprinkle water.

One sprinkler has 5 effects such as putting out the fire, irrigation, wash, dust-proofing, and cooling, so it is more like killing 5 birds with one stone rather than killing two birds with one stone.

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