【tdr0350】Tokyo Disney Resort’s cashier is bit different?


Many people from all over Japan visit the dreamland “Tokyo Disney Resort”.

Enjoy while having sense of being a resident of the dreamland in the atmosphere of apart from reality whether you are a kid or grown up is the real pleasure and greatest charm about Tokyo Disney Resort.

To create that atmosphere, Tokyo Disney Resort has been creative to not let the guests to feel reality. Tokyo Disney Resort is putting solid effort to give dreams to the guests, so it reduces things that remind reality from the Disney parks or cover the buildings or view that remind reality.

One of the efforts that Tokyo Disney resort is being creative is “cashier” that placed on the cashier counter.

We see “cashier” often at supermarket, convenience store, or family restaurant.

We see it almost every time we pay. That’s how much it sank in our daily life.

To just place the “Cashier” that reminds our daily life on the cashier counter without having done anything to it then dreamland of spell would be lifted.

So, at Tokyo Disney Resort covers the cashier with things that matches the shop’s theme to not let the guests see the original cashier. Having done that guests cannot see the mechanical other than screen, so it doesn’t remind guests the reality.

Tokyo Disney Resort is intent to continue being the dreamland.

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