【tdr0343】The bills of dreamland that can be used at Tokyo Disney Resort


In this world there are various types of bills.

Dollar, euro, ruble, peso, won, renminbi… and many others that the bills differs on the country and in Japan the Japanese banknote that uses currency unit of “yen”, which issued by the Bank of Japan is used.

Each country’s money looks different and uses different currency unit that by just looking at it we get to know the feature of the country, so it is interesting.

So, “Tokyo Disney Resort” is a “dreamland”, so there is own money as a country. What kind of money is provided at Tokyo Disney Resort?

The money is what people call “gift certificate”.

There are 2 types of gift certificate that one if 1000 yen ($10) red gift certificate that has Mickey Mouse is printed at center and 500 yen ($50) blue gift card that has Donald Duck printed on. It can be used anywhere in Tokyo Disney Resort except a part. (It cannot be used at Ikspiari.) It is very reasonable and has cute design, so it is a very popular gift for friends or family.

This gift certificate can be purchased at places shown below.

Tokyo Disney Resort:
Ticket center.

Tokyo Disneyland:
Group window
Guest relation window

Tokyo DisneySea:
Group ticket booth
Guest relation

The dreamland bills that are similar to oversea’s bills design. It would be a great memory telling your kids that it is “dreamland’s money” to let them shop.

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