【tdr0342】If you want to take picture beautifully then photo spot is recommended


When going to Tokyo Disney Resort people take picture for the memory… I am sure you would take photos of the view that we don’t really see in ordinary life as memory.

Although, have you ever had trouble that you could not take a good picture?

Then it is best to rely on the “photo spot”. Photo spot is a recommended spot to take pictures and green sign says “PHOTO SPOT” is the landmark.

And when you take picture according to the direction of the sign anyone can take great photo.

This photo spot is placed 15 spots in Tokyo Disneyland and 24 spots for Tokyo DisneySea.

If you were considering taking pictures this is the spot you would want to use.

Also, Tokyo DisneySea has “funny photo spot”.

That photo spot is “Photo spot for Duffy”, which is familiar as Disney bear. This is photo spot for stuffed doll Duffy and when you take picture by placing Duffy on the specific place you could take great picture.

At the specific place there is small chair and says ” Place your Duffy on the mark and take a photo of him”, so it is obvious.

Other than 8 regular photo spots there are seasonal photo spot, so it would be fun to bring “MY Duffy” to take picture when going to Tokyo DisneySea.

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