【tdr0339】Why we don’t get tired of walking at Tokyo Disney Resort?


Tokyo Disney Resort is Japan greatest theme park facility that kids and adults can enjoy.

It has tremendous amount of attraction that cannot go around all in a day, so I am sure there are many people cannot stop walking when stepping inside the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Anyway, have you realized anything by walking around the hectic theme park by “going on the attraction, shop, and eat….”?

That you aren’t really tired even you have walked so much of distance.

This has solid reason.

It is not because “it is just so much fun that tiredness doesn’t really get to mind” or “power of dreamland”.

Actually, on the surface of ground has done process of absorbing the shock to not let the feet get tired. By that, guests can walk around pleasantly the theme park without getting tired than walking around normal streets.

Even it is for the guests, we never thought of Disney elaborated even on the ground surface.

Because Disney is so thoughtful, it exists as first class theme park.

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