【tdr0324】Drinking fountain that is friendly to the guest with children at Disney Resort


When speaking of out door drinking fountain, the one that can be drank while standing up is popular.

The drinking fountain that releases water like fountain and can be drank while standing up called “vertical type drinking water tap”. This probably unfamiliar, but I am sure you have seen it before.

This usual installed at especially the parks.

This “vertical type drinking water tap” is also installed at Tokyo Disney Resort too.

The one at Tokyo Disney Resort is not made with squared rock that you see it often at parks, it is more fancy and has two taps. One is adjusted for the height of adults and one is adjusted the height of children. From that you can see the consideration, but there is other creativeness of it.

It is designed to face the tap for adults and tap of child each other when drinking water.

To face each other adult can always keep the eye on the child.

Small children go everywhere when taking an eye off for few seconds. And they are at dreamland, so it is not strange the kids to get attracted and go off somewhere. This consideration is great for the parents.

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