【tdr0322】Where is Urayasu city’s sister city?


“Sister city” that you hear sometimes on the TV news or newspaper.

It means local or international self-governing body relationship that purposed of goodwill, exchange cultures not relating diplomacy of countries.

In many case to become sister city there is certain common point.

The case of having common points of city’s nature, industry, culture, natural environment, historical experience is popular to become sister city.

So, what do you think Urayasu city that Tokyo Disney Resort is located is sister city of which city?

Anaheim, California that has Disneyland?

Or, Paris, France that has Disneyland Paris?

Neither of it is sister city of Urayasu City.

The answer is Orlando, Florida, United States of America. I am sure there is people think “WHY?” But there are certain common points.

That common point is that Orlando has “Disney Resort”.

Urayasu city has “Tokyo Disney Resort”, which needless to say and Orlando has “Walt Disney World Resort”. Both Resorts have several Disney parks and hotels, so this is a solid common point.

Anaheim, California that city has first Disneyland’s sister city is actually Mito city, Ibaraki.

I am sure you have no idea what common points these two have.

Actually Mito city and Anaheim does not have the common points it was more of becoming sister city by the origin of individual exchange that it became sister city by business man who were born in Mito and live in Anaheim invited his former teacher to Anaheim.

It is such unexpected pair.

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