【tdr0321】Dream cools down? The story about official sponsors that supports Disney Resort


To talk realistically, to run dreamland “Tokyo Disney Resort” enormous funds are needed

It is difficult to cover all the costs itself… this is the reality.

So, gathering “official sponsor” to bear the fees of running expenses, which are the cost for buildings and attractions and Tokyo Disney Resort is allowing the company that became the sponsor to use Disney characters and Disney parks as advertisements.

By that Tokyo Disney Resort can maintain the buildings or attractions and Sponsor will acquire high advertisement effect and able to use Disney, which is highly trusted.

Official sponsors make contract as unit of Tokyo Disney Resort building and attraction. And the contracted building or attraction will be the sponsor’s. So in many case, one sponsor has several buildings and attractions.

So which company became the most sponsors?

Actually the company that familiar with chocolate or dairy products “Meiji Co., Ltd. (former: Meiji Milk Products Co.,Ltd.)

The association is long that it has been a sponsor since the Tokyo Disneyland opened. And surprisingly this is the first company contracted as a sponsor.

The buildings and attractions that Meiji sponsoring are 10 places, which listed below.

【Tokyo Disneyland】     
*Baby Center
*Ice Cream Cone
*Ice Cream Wagon
*Soft Landing
*Crystal Palace Restaurant
*Sweet Heart Cafe
*ToonTown Baby Center

【Tokyo DisneySea】
*Baby Center
*Ice Cream Wagon
*Zambini Brother’s Ristorante

Meiji is such a major company that represents Japan to become the sponsor of this many places. Coca Cola Japan is sponsoring 6 places, which is the second most sponsoring company. And third is Fuji film Co., Ltd., 5 places.

It is clear how Meiji is sponsoring so many places.

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