【tdr0311】Tokyo Disney Resort’s original way of saying “say cheese”


What do you say when you talk pictures?

Typical “say cheese”? Or “1 plus 1 is two”? Both are used widely, but Tokyo Disney Resort does not use those.

Then what do they say? They say …. “Smile Mickey” or “say Minnie”.

Both vowel is “i”. Smile can be made by raise the corner of mouth. “1 plus 1 is two (Ni in Japanese)” vowel is also “i”, so the theory is the same. Although, when it is not that familiar sometime miss when to smile.

By the way vowel of “say cheese” is “u”, but this makes natural smile, so it started to use. And in 1963, Snow Brand Milk Products Co., Ltd. TV commercial saying, “say cheese” with Japanese accent made it spread quickly.

To think about what to say when taking smiling pictures is wonderful idea.

Especially the person who came up with an idea of “say cheese” probably never thought of it becoming this famous.

Even “Smile Mickey” and “say Minnie” is used at Tokyo Disney Resort, but it is still not well known yet. I hope this will spread widely and become the second of “say cheese”.

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