【tdr0304】Why we never see crows at Tokyo Disney Resort?


Everyday tens of thousands of people come and go at Tokyo Disney Resort. Huge amount of garbage is occurs because that many guests gather at one place. Especially the amount of fast food like popcorn or churros garbage is you can’t even imagine. It is not rare that people drop their food on the ground while eating and walking.

Even it is in that condition we never see the specific bird that we often see in our lives.

The specific bird is “crows” that is typical to scavenge the garbage.

Crows are scavenging the garbage for the purpose of leftovers. Therefore when garbage of food is piled up or left on the ground then it would be not strange to see crows, but why crows never attack Disney Resort?

You may have heard rumors like “frequency that crows hate is occurred” or other, but actually it was simpler.

To begin with, Tokyo Disney Resort never piles up the garbage or leave garbage on the ground.

That is because “custodial” who manages and maintains Tokyo Disney Resort collect garbage regularly and cleans. Frequently cleaning must be performed because it causes odor of food especially.

By that in side the park is always maintain in clean condition and not let crows to get nearer.

Us the guests can enjoy fully at Tokyo Disney Resort is because these managing is carefully considered.

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