【tdr0300】Air duct that is set at Tokyo Disney Resort is very expensive and high performance


Air duct is set to air conditioning, ventilation, and discharge smoke of inside the buildings.

Air duct is seen in every building.

Of course dreamland Tokyo Disney Resort has air duct in every single building.

Especially, air conditioning and ventilation is must needed at eating-place like restaurants. It is unpleasant when the restaurants were always smelling of oil or smoky. To control the air conditioning and always ventilate the place can provide meals without giving customers stress.

Such an air duct, of course it needs to be cleaned and maintenance after awhile. This is very hard work and the filter inside needs to be changed regularly.

And when cleaning every single air duct of huge theme park like Disney Resort words cannot express how hard it is and it costs tons.

To reduce the time and cost, Tokyo Disney Resort has set American high performance air duct that has automatic washing function and automatic fire function.

When it is high performance of course the price is high that it is about 3 times expensive than air duct that is produced in Japan.

To set such expensive air ducts at restaurants of Tokyo Disney Resort the installation cost naturally become expensive, but this is one kinds of initial investment, so when thinking of cleaning costs that occur afterwards it can recover the costs.

To not compromise for producing pleasant environments is why Tokyo Disney Resort is the first class theme park.

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