【tdr0295】The way of changing the passport to different ticket to get cash back smartly


Tokyo Disney Resort passport sometime can be used as gift. Especially the “1day passport”, which can be used for the whole day at Disney Resort is reasonable (expect the night passport), so you probably have an opportunity to receive it.

What will you do when you receive two “1day passport” luckily?

May be many people give one passport to other person and visit Tokyo Disney Resort together, but some people use both for themselves.

I have good news for those who are willing to use both for yourself.

Actually it is possible to “change the type of ticket” when using two “1day passport” to yourself and going to Tokyo Disney Resort two days in a row.

To explain what it is…

To use “two 1day passport” two days in a row is same as using “2day passport”.

But the price become different when it function the same.

“1day passport” costs ¥6,400 ($64) for adult (as of 2014, December).

And when it gets two then the price becomes ¥12,800 ($128), but “2day passport” costs ¥11,000 ($111) per adult, so ¥1,800 ($18) of difference occur.

This is kind of wasting, isn’t it?

So, exchange the “two 1day passport” to “2day passport” at ticket window. By that ¥1,800 ($18) of difference will be cash back.

By the way when the contents are the same then it is possible to change, so you can change “three 1day passport” to “3day magic passport” or “four 1day passport” to “4day magic passport”. (*Although it is limited to the passport that has “0” on the top right. Sponsor or stockholder passport that has “N” on the passport is not able to be changed.)

You probably doesn’t get the opportunity to get so many “1day passports” much, but it is not so bad to change the ticket cleverly and buy souvenir with the money that got from cash back.

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