【tdr0279】What is campaign passport that had unbelievable discount?


The passport is necessary when entering the Tokyo Disney Resort.

There are “1day passport” that can be used for only that day, “2day passport” or “3 day passport” that can be used for several days, “2 park a year passport” that can be used through a year, “group passport” that can be used with groups over 25 people, and “starlight passport” for entering at night. There are various passports according to the situation or condition.

Also, there is limited time offer passport according to the season or event, so there are various types. You can choose the passport according to your situation. Especially the limited time offer passport is one of the passport you should check.

Actually, unbelievably good value passport was sold for limited time.

That passport is sold at the “Kids summer smile campaign”, which was occurred from 2011, July 8th to August 31st subjected kids who are age 4 to 11.

It was half price of normal passport price only during that period.

1day passport cost ¥4,100 ($41) at that time, so subjected kids passport became ¥2,050 ($20.50).

This is a delighted campaign for the parents.

This special campaign is unlike no other, but it would be great if there will be another similar campaign in near future.

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