【tdr0275】What is “Harvest moon”,which is a beer from dreamland?


Shopping mall “Ikspiari” that opened inside the Tokyo Disney Resort on 2000, July 7th.

Just like the catch phrase “ a town filled with fairy tales and entertainment”, Ikspiari has various shops and attractive theme zones that cannot be seen all in a day.

Such a big shopping mall “Ikspiari” also brewing beer.

And the person who brewing this beer is qualifier of “master beer judge” that only 10 people have in Japan and he has proficiency that since participating for the first time “Judge Asia Beer Cup” sponsored by Japan Craft Beer Association in 2002 he continue becoming the winner.

That such an influential person is brewing at beer brewery, which is located at 4th floor or Ikspiari.

The name of the beer is “Harvest moon”.

The beer that named harvest moon, which is the time grains bearing fruits richly is always provided with 5 kinds of beer and seasonal limited small amount brewed beer.

*Pilsener (Czech Republic style) 
*Schawarz (German style) 
*Pale Ale (English style)
*Brown Ale (American style)
*Belgian Style Wheat (Belgium style)
*Seasonal Beer

Limited time beer means you can only taste it on that occasion, so it is pretty appealing.

Other beer is very unique, so you can enjoy according to the situation.

Anyway, this “Harvest moon” can be enjoyed at “Roti’s House”, which is restaurant located inside the Ikspiari, but actually this can be drunk or bought other than Ikspiari.

*Seijo Ishii
*Ikspiari Kitchen
*Buffet Restaurant Kyou no uta
*Veggie Cocotte
*Bar Rica Cerveza
*Kafe Trail & Track
*Cinema Ikspiari
*Pitta 00
*Old Soul
*Sukiyaki Ningyocho Imahan

When visiting these places above you can enjoy “Harvest moon” without going to Ikspiari.

It is great for people who are busy and not able to go to dreamland can taste this.

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