【tdr0258】Three dentists that exists at Tokyo Disney Resort.


Did you know that Tokyo Disney Resort actually has 3 dentists?

Today, I would like to introduce dentists with full of humanity, which are so Disney.

First is the dentist that exists Westernland of Tokyo Disneyland.

There is wooden building that has sign of “Painless Dentist” with decoration of teeth. Patients are probably glad to hear that treatments are painless, but speaking of Westernland, it is the period of exploration and development.

Painless treatment at that period is very suspicious.

The second dentist is located Toontown of Tokyo Disneyland.

Pay attention to the second floor of lined up building on the left side back when you enter the area. It is very difficult to find, but drill and teeth with bandage is hanged. The dentist name is “Dr. Drirum”.

Drill and bandage…it has atmosphere of that dentist does rough treatment.

And the last dentist is located at American Waterfront of Tokyo DisneySea.

Behind the “Steamboat Mickey’s”. It is located at the back of blocked stairs that leads to upstairs. But as it is blocked, so the treatments are not performed now. At the bottom of stairs it says “I’LL BE BACK LATER”.

What happened to the dentist?

It is not attraction, but Disney parks has full of hidden humanity. To look for that humanity would be fun, which is unique things of Disney.

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